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Joanna Hairabedian

Author, Psalmist, and Coach

As an international speaker, Joanna teaches the true identity of a woman. Today, our culture defines women as having to look a certain way. Many women feel they don’t measure up to the media picture, impacting their identity. If you don’t realize that who you are on the inside is beautiful, then it can be easy to feel unworthy or struggle with body shame.


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Joanna is an author, singer, and songwriter. She’s known for her song, Your Silence is Deafening and Out of the Wilderness. Joanna and her husband, David, are co-pastors of Virtual Church Media. As a National pageant winner of three titles, she utilizes her Pageant titles to crown, empower and restore identity to women of all ages through Princess Crowning events. Joanna has just launched her new podcast, “Reveal the Diamond Within”.
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Sound of Freedom

As a renowned women’s conference speaker who operates in signs and wonders, Joanna plays the piano, sings, and speaks prophetically to women. She has ministered nationally and internationally for more than a decade.

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Joanna's Podcast ~ Revealing The Diamond Within

Thought-provoking interviews, inspiring stories, & practical applications to help you shine like a diamond from within.

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