Attracting Mr. Right: Uncovering Man Mistakes to Attract Your Knight in Shining Armor

Join us for an insightful and empowering episode as we delve into the common mistakes women make that inadvertently repel good men. Our host, Joanna, bravely shares her personal journey of self-discovery and transformation, highlighting the mistakes that kept her single for almost two decade. Learn about insights God gave her to make changes and […]

My Mentor Walks On Water with Donna Johnson

Everyone needs a mentor. Who is mentoring you? In My Mentor Walks on Water, successful entrepreneur Donna Johnson helps you discover how to connect who you are with how God sees you. Learn how to leave the comfort of being a boat sitter and what it means to walk on water to leave a legacy. […]

Breaking Free: Overcoming Emotional Blocks for God’s Best

Join us for a thought-provoking episode as we explore the underlying factors that influence our choices and the emotional blocks we struggle with. Our guest, Debra Cornell, a Christian, Certified Emotional Trainer, shares valuable insights on how emotional hindrances can be developed from various sources, including the womb, parents, and teachers. Discover the path to […]

Wholeness Within: Empowering Inner Healing with Dr. Bitcon

Join us in this enlightening episode as we welcome Dr. Scott, a renowned expert who has guided and trained over 13,000 individuals on the transformative path of inner healing and deliverance. In this podcast, Dr. Scott shares empowering victory stories and equips you with the essential steps to embark on your own journey of healing […]

Breaking Chains: Confronting Demonic Oppression with Dr. Bitcon

 Join us for an eye-opening episode as we delve into the crucial topic of recognizing and dealing with demonic oppression within ourselves and others. Our special guest, Dr. Scott Bitcon, shares his expertise and experiences in helping over 13,000 individuals find freedom from bondage and break free from the grip of the enemy. In this […]

Heavenly Health: Unlocking the Secrets of Biblical Wellness

Join us for an enlightening interview with Dr. Tosh James, as we delve into the importance of caring for our bodies and the reasons behind our poor health choices that contradict the principles outlined in the Bible.  In this thought-provoking podcast, we explore the intersection of faith and wellness, uncovering the wisdom and guidance provided […]

Divine Beauty: Nurturing Your Soul for Radiant Transformation

This captivating podcast features an enlightening interview with a renowned beauty spa owner, Shannon Burson-Malave. Join us as we explore the profound connection between inner healing, self-love, and timeless radiance. In this transformative episode, our guest shares profound insights on how unworthiness, unforgiveness, worry, and anger can impact our overall well-being and accelerate the aging […]

From Labelled to Liberated: Discovering Identity through God’s Love

In this powerful episode, we dive into the inspiring story of Pastor Daniel Reynoso, who faced the pain of being labelled and bullied at a young age due to his differences. Join us as we explore Daniel’s journey of overcoming emotional abuse, same sex confusion and finding his true identity and self-worth through the discovery […]

Revitalizing Health: God’s Master Antioxidant

In this compelling episode, we welcome special guest Robert Gauthier, formulator and CEO of Cympcorp International, as he shares the incredible results of a groundbreaking AIDS study conducted in Africa. Discover the astonishing outcomes of the study, where 113 out of 115 participants utilized glutathione protocols to live fulfilling lives. Join us as Robert delves […]

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