Are You a Love Magnet or a Relationship Repellent? Take the Quiz to Find Out!

Whether you're navigating the seas of love or simply curious about your relationship personality, take the quiz to see how you interact with men! Single or married, discover your relationship personality and uncover behaviors that are repelling or attracting a man. Quickly and honestly go through the questions. Choose the first answer that immediately stands out and resonates the most with you. Don’t try to analyze or think about it. 

This survey is a tool for reflection and is not based on psychological research.  It’s a guide to create awareness of behaviors that could be impacting a relationship in a negative manner. It’s not a substitute for professional counsel.

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Relationship Status:

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What industry do you work in?

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When you have a disagreement in a relationship, how do you typically respond?

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How do you view your role in a relationship?

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What is your communication style in a relationship?

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How do you prefer to resolve conflicts in your relationship?

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In a relationship, how do you feel about your partner having close friendships outside of the relationship?



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