Join us in this enlightening episode as we welcome Dr. Scott, a renowned expert who has guided and trained over 13,000 individuals on the transformative path of inner healing and deliverance. In this podcast, Dr. Scott shares empowering victory stories and equips you with the essential steps to embark on your own journey of healing with the guidance of God.

Through heartfelt conversations and personal anecdotes, Dr. Scott reveals the profound, yet simple process of inner healing and how God’s intervention plays a pivotal role in restoring fractured souls. Discover the transformative power of God’s love, grace, and forgiveness as Dr. Scott shares practical insights and strategies for working through inner wounds.

Explore the importance of training oneself to engage in the process of inner healing, whether it be for personal growth or to help others on their journey. Gain valuable knowledge on developing the necessary skills and discernment to facilitate inner healing work effectively.

Tune in to be inspired by the triumphs and breakthroughs shared by Dr. Scott and learn how to embark on your own journey of inner healing and deliverance. Discover the power of working with God to heal fractured souls, nurture wholeness, and unlock your true potential. Join us on this transformative exploration into the realm of inner healing as we uncover the steps to inner restoration and equip you to bring healing to yourself and others.



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